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Fort McMoney

Fort McMoney is half a documentary, half a videogame about life in Fort McMurray (Canada), a city developing the world’s largest oil sands reserves. The game will introduce you to different characters in order to show different points of view of the oil industry: from the town leaders, happy with all the capital is generating, to homeless people, dissapointed with a system which is simply not working for them.

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The Fight to Get Gay in Video Games

I read for the first time about “Ultimate Gay Fighter” at this excellent article in Motherboard. What the developer calls “the first gay video game ever” is basically a Mortal Kombat rip-off featuring too stereotypical gay characters who have generated very bad criticism from the LGBT community as well as their opposing side.

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A People’s History of the FPS

I have recently found this great article by Robert Yang. Surely you have seen posts before describing the evolution of the FPS genre from the times of Myst and Doom to the recent Minecraft, but in this presentation the point view is different. It is the perspective of one of the groups that have brought more innovation to this industry, but are forgotten most of the times: the mod community.

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Phone Story

Phone Story is a satirical and educational game explaining the real costs of manufacturing smartphones. You will have to force children to collect minerals, save your workers trying to commit suicide and find a way to dispose the massive amounts of generated waste. Everything to produce the latest phones… just like the one you got in your hands while playing!

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Sweatshop puts you in charge of the workers of a clothes factory, where the owner only seems to be concerned about manufacturing the cheapest clothes in the least amount of time. The game will let you choose if you want to be an exploiter, employing children with no access to drinks or toilets, or a good boss, hiring experts to maintain the facilities and trying to keep your workers happy. Although you will struggle to score points if you go for the second option.

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